My first month as a Recruitment Resourcer

​Jag joined our Leeds transactional finance team at the start of March. He tells us about his first month with the business, how he’s found the move from his previous role into transactional finance recruitment and what he’s looking forward to over the next few months!

I joined Sewell Wallis almost a month ago now, and it’s been a great few weeks. I feel like I’ve fit really well into the office – everyone has been friendly, approachable and answered any questions I’ve had, and believe me, I’ve had a lot. My team have been so supportive, in particular Suli, who’s been teaching me everything he knows and has ever learned about temporary finance recruitment. It’s been busy, and there’s been lots to learn, but I’m really enjoying it.

I’ve especially got to give Chloe a mention, as my manager she’s been brilliant and has made the transition from where I was previously feel really smooth. My previous role was interesting and engaging, but the recruitment cycle felt quite slow, and I felt I could flourish somewhere where that cycle was a little speedier and there was more urgency from client and consultant. It’s definitely a faster-paced market, which whilst being a learning curve, feels like what I’m actually better suited to, and Chloe has supported me in this change, ensuring I know what I should be doing when, helping me prioritise things and working closely with me to keep me on track without being overbearing.

I’ve learned so much about the transactional finance market. As mentioned, it’s very different from my last role as it moves a lot faster, particularly the temporary side of things, which will be my long-term focus. You’ve got to be really efficient, and on it with your candidates, keeping everyone in the loop and up to date on interviews, feedback and next stages. I’ve got daily plans that I follow to ensure I provide a consistent level of service to my candidates, and that’s really helped me prioritise.

I’m also really appreciative of the flexibility that Sewell Wallis offer their staff – we work on a fully hybrid model, and I find it beneficial to be in the office for a portion of the week to do some deeper learning and training with the team, and then useful to be at home to really get my head down and speak to tons of candidates. I can work from either the Leeds office, or the Sheffield base, which is handy as my partner lives in Sheffield, which means I don’t need to get an early train back to Leeds if I want to spend the day with the team. It feels like an adult environment, built on trust and the knowledge that the team really can do their job from anywhere – everyone’s always at the end of a phone after all.

There’s real camaraderie at Sewell Wallis too – we all big each other’s achievements up, and some of the best parts of the day are when your inbox is full of great news from your colleagues. The operational team, admin and marketing are knowledgeable and always willing to share their expertise on the Sewell Wallis way of doing things. I’m looking forward to working more closely with them going forwards.

Looking to the future, I can’t wait to get more involved with the business development side of the business, and be able to work my way towards building my own desk and managing my own clients. Sewell Wallis work with so many big names, I’m excited to put my own stamp on my work and develop those long-term relationships!

I’d really recommend having a chat with one of our team if you’re looking for a recruitment role in a modern recruitment business that rewards hard work. Our directors are always happy to have a chat – get in touch today!