Working with us Exclusively

Working with us Exclusively

Our experience has shown us that our clients prefer to work with just one recruitment agency that they know that they can trust.

Working exclusively with Sewell Wallis will mean that you and your dedicated consultant can really explore what the attributes of your ideal candidate would be. Your consultant is enabled to delve deep into what makes your business tick allowing them to market your roles to the best candidates.

You know that the time you invest with us will pay dividends at interview and selection stage. We aren’t in a race to fill interview slots like some of our competitors and will only present the best-fit candidates for you to interview.

By partnering with us on an exclusive basis, we offer a bespoke service with a preferential price package including reduced fees and extended payment terms. You’ll have extra reassurance with longer guarantee periods and our rebate/replace scheme.

Working with us exclusively also gives extra market exposure for your organisation. All adverts for your roles will be branded for your business and we will flex our social media muscle giving your brand coverage across all our channels.

We don’t just work with clients on an exclusive basis, some of the best candidates in Yorkshire will only be found registered with us.

Not recruiting right now? That’s a perfect time to meet with us, so we can start building trust and developing a well-rounded picture of your business.

To request a meeting with your dedicated consultant please click on the link below.

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