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It’s just a few extra “trimmings” - Increase in overtime during the Christmas period

It’s just a few extra “trimmings” - Increase in overtime during the Christmas period


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Christmas can be a very expensive time of year, especially when it comes to the vast number of presents, the uncountable mouths we have to feed and the work Christmas do – but the real question is…how are people managing to afford to have the best Christmas ever?

When the festivities are in full swing it seems like the British population either start to strategically plan how to have a smooth running Christmas and the rest of us go into a mad panic about how we will be able to afford the ‘perfect’ Christmas – with many of the stresses being over the luxuries we associate with this holiday.

The total accumulation of the cost of Christmas per British household (on average) that includes; food, drink, clothing, decorations, presents, travel and other little luxuries – is a total of £1,805 but if the average household has two or more kids they are looking at spending an excess of over £2,795 - in order to cover the costs most families will have to save an average of £150 - £232 per month of their normal monthly wage (excluding overtime.)

Throughout the UK, many professionals work overtime to be able to afford the expense Christmas brings each year, with some employees starting their overtime in early November,  averaging out at an extra 75 working hours throughout the months of November and December, however some plan far earlier and can start their festive planning early in the year, the stats are:

54% - work overtime to cover the costs of Christmas

27% - start saving at the start of the year

14% - beginning buying presents throughout the year to cover costs

To earn extra money most working professionals often; work overtime with their current employer (31%), take on a second job (37%) or seek ‘cash in hand’ or ‘under the table’ employment opportunities (32%) – these include; online surveys, money making apps, tutoring, selling household products, baby sitting, freelance work or working part-time within retail or hospitality.

Christmas is overall an expensive time of year and people like to celebrate it in their own way, be it with family, skiing in the Alps or out celebrating the day – but when it comes down to it, Christmas is Christmas and you can’t put a price on a day full of festivities, love and joy.

All the team at Sewell Wallis would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – once the festivities are done and we are all stuffed from our Christmas lunch it will soon be time to get back into the working spirit for next year. So why not beat that January rush and plan ahead for your 2019, Call us on 0114 268 3313 or 0113 242 1200 and we will be happy to help.

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