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Christmas Saviours

Christmas Saviours



With festivities in full swing and this year’s ‘Black Friday’ ecommerce sales exceeding 9.4% of the overall market’s seasonal sales – did retailers and SMEs fill their stockings with enough seasonal temps?

The Christmas period is one of the biggest recruitment drives for many companies, particularly in industries such as Manufacturing, Industrial, Logistics and Retail – with online sales increasing  year-on-year and exceeding predictions, are companies’ planning their interim team effectively to cover the increase in workload?

 “Having worked within the temporary job market for over 4 years the increase in demand for temporary and contract staff has increased year on year, particularly in the holiday and festive period.

The main benefits of companies employing temporary & contracted members of staff is that they reduce the burden on the permanent staff allowing them to reach deadlines, reduce the backlogs and take much needed holidays. Considering how a reduced staffing period and increased workload can add pressure to both the staff and the company cash flow recruiting an interim is a cost effective solution.” – Natalie Rollinson, Temporary Consultant.

The increase in the need for additional interim support is increasing within both practice and industry. Many accountancy practices make the majority of their revenue around this time, which is often known as ‘Tax Season’ and therefore plan ahead to expand their teams in order to cope with the increasing demand as the year-end approaches.

Within industry companies often require support from external contractors, temporary staff and self-employed professionals at certain peak times. When companies pre-plan their temporary staffing needs they will work-out the optimum level of ‘normal’ workload for the business and predict the unexpected peaks they will face throughout the year, this predominantly covers them for any seasonal changes the company may face throughout their financial year.

Why do you think temporary workers are important for business?

“Not only do temporary workers make great additions to existing teams in busy periods but they are also very beneficial to maintaining staffing levels in absences, reducing company training costs and can even assist with the implementation of new accounting software. Our temporary workers have varied experience in different sectors, systems and areas across Accountancy & Finance from transactional level to part-qualified/qualified and above depending on the need of our client.

As the Accountancy & Finance market is very candidate driven at the moment there is a limited amount of time for hiring processes to be conducted that correspond with the Hiring Manager’s workload; hiring temporary members of staff resolves this issue drastically, as most temporary workers are immediately available and are more flexible with their working hours. Most permanent candidates require flexibility and can have notice periods of up to 3 months’. We also meet our candidates prior to submitting their CV for any positions which enables us to give accurate information on the suitability and skill-set – because of this our clients trust our judgment and often don’t need to conduct interviews themselves for temporary staff.” – Chloe Wilford, Temporary Consultant.

At Sewell Wallis, we have dedicated interim Consultants working on all levels from accountancy juniors to CFO level who have proven success in building relationships with both Clients and candidates to ensure the ‘right fit’. Call us on:

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