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The Art of a great Relationship - Volume 1 Communicating

The Art of a great Relationship - Volume 1 Communicating

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The Art Of A Great Relationship

Small business owners and working professionals apply most of their resources into generating new business.

The biggest challenge working professionals face when it comes to new business is; building strong relationships with their clients and knowing how to interact with them on a multi-level basis.

Building a strong client relationship takes time and continuous work. Most working professionals think this means they need to attend meeting after meeting, and this is where they might be going wrong.

Taking clients out of their normal working environment will generate a more relaxed atmosphere and will increase the flow of conversation. Remembering that each client is unique and has to be treated differently will help you create an easy balance between excessive indulging and disingenuous schmoozing to try to win new business.

When I speak to my clients I communicate with them on different levels and on a variety of platforms. My smaller clients I will contact once a quarter by; phone, email or an informal lunch and my larger clients who have multiple decision makers prefer a more formal approach; email, LinkedIn, direct calls and internal meetings. – Matthew Kaye

The first conversation in any relationship is crucial, be it professional or not. Leveraging your brand effectively will be one of your main priorities, knowing how to sell your brand rather than ‘bragging’ about it, will show your businesses’ ethos to be more honest and trustworthy.

"I go out and meet my clients to get a detailed understanding of what they are looking for, I then keep in regular contact and do what I say I am going to do. Building trust is the most important part in any client relationship; I call when I need to, send CV’s which match their criteria and I’m honest with them if I’m struggling to find the candidate they desire. – Gemma Watmough

When it comes to speaking to clients, use language that reflects your company’s ethos, this will break down the barriers of a ‘normal sales call’ and will open up the opportunity to get to know clients on a more personal level. Emphasizing who you are and how you implement this into your work will increase the trust you gain when working with your prospect clientele.

Knowing how to communicate with clients is a continuous learning process, with every client interaction being different to the last, some clients will prefer a formal approach whilst others will appreciate a more informal conversation.

Before I started developing my client relationships, I did keep my personal relationships separate, but now I have a few clients and candidates that I have worked with over the past few years, I now consider them as close advisers and friends. – Tom Beale

Nowadays it’s not about how many times you can call your clients in a week, with new developments in social communication, we now can speak with them on a professional basis by using a whole variety of channels.

There is no such thing as ‘over communicating,’ if you’re sharing relevant knowledge and interesting news you will never have to worry about ‘spamming’ your clients again.

  • One out of every three emails are opened
  • 14% of calls are answered directly without being placed on hold first
  • Business Executives spend an average of 15 minutes on hold a day
  • 44% of workers would rather use their computers for business communication, with 36% citing smartphones as their communication tool of choice
  • 95% of working professionals, plan to use digital communication rather than incur the costs of face-to-face meetings

At Sewell Wallis we take Candidate and Client care very seriously and developing a healthy working relationship is key for our brand and consultant. Most of our candidates we work with eventually become clients and vice versa, so having a strong professional relationship is key.

We are social.